Holiday Appetizers! Matt Becker

Well, the Holidays are upon us…  It’s that time of year again.  Christmas Parties, entertaining, eating….  Here are two ideas for Holiday Appetizers that are inexpensive, easy to make and you will definitely get compliments on them.




Run to your local Michael’s Crafts store, buy individual appetizer dishes (they come in many shapes and sizes) and get started!  For the Shrimp Cocktail, buy more cocktail sauce than you will think you need.  Buy the shrimp and lemons, put them together and BAM!  No one is double dipping!  Top them with a little chopped parsley and you are good to go.  For the Vegetable dish, choose a different cup, put Ken’s Blue Cheese on the bottom and put in the normal items- carrots, green beans, red and yellow peppers!


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