Cooking while Camping!

Every year, I take my children camping… at least twice.  We love it.  I’m going to keep doing it until they beg me to stop!  The trick is, how do I cook good, healthy meals that all of us like without running water and a stove?

Here are some tips that I’ve learned along the way.

What’s the best way to cook lobsters?  I learned this one out on my last trip when the campsite above us was cooking up a feast.  Use a disposable foil lasagna pan from the grocery store!  Put it on the fold down grill over the firepit, put some water in it, cover with foil and you’re good to go!  Way easier than boiling in pots over the portable burners…

Steak on the grill!  When I’m camping, I would recommend buying one gallon zip lock bags for the cooler.  Typically you’re keeping your food on ice in a cooler, the zip lock bags keep the water out of your food while the ice is melting.  They’re also good for marinating meats overnight.

Freshly picked mussels from Somes Sound on Mt. Desert Island.  If you’re picking your own, make sure you check the web to see if there’s a Red Tide warning…  just saying.


If you’re making homefries for breakfast, make sure to use the left overs from the cooler!  Brocoli, onion, tomato, sausage….  basically anything will work.

Eggs and homefries in a skillet, not a bad choice for breakfast.  For portable grills, I always recommend the kind where you use the green propane containers, as opposed to the type where you use fuel.  They’re much easier to set up, break down and the tanks are very easy to find.

Fresh local steamers are always fantastic.

The perfect marshmellow…  Don’t forget s’mores!  Please, please, don’t set them on fire!

Matt Becker

Live from Matt’s House


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