Elvis Costello – Live at Thompson’s Point!

Imperial Bedroom and Other Chambers

The show takes songs from the 1982 album, “Imperial Bedroom” as a starting point, but as Costello describes it…

“We never intended to recite this book from cover to cover. Listen to our new arrangement of ‘Tears Before Bedtime,’ it gets straight to the real meaning of that song, the way we hear and feel it today. Back in 1982, I might have been a step or two ahead of our crowd in the tragic, romantic stakes but I sense that they’ve all caught up with me now.”

Speaking of the second part of the show’s title, Costello added, “You never know who or what you are going to encounter down the corridor to those ‘Other Chambers.'”

Here’s a setlist from the evening along with youtube videos from the show!

I had a fantastic time that night…  I went to the concert with a single ticket and walked out of there with new friends!

Matt Becker

Live from Matt’s House



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