Frank Fotusky – Meet Me In The Bottom

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Frank Fotusky at a club in Portland, ME called BLUE, playing songs from his new album, Meet Me In The Bottom.  Introduced to me by a new friend of mine, BLUE is an intimate setting with great sound, friendly staff and fantastic music.  Frank is an extremely talented acoustic blues singer and songwriter who has appeared with or performed with the likes of Buddy Guy, Taj Mahal and Bonnie Raitt.

Speaking with Frank before the show, I asked if he could play a Robert Johnson song and he was kind enough to play   “Me and The Devil Blues”.  This song was written and recorded in 1937 by Johnson in Dallas, TX and covered by many over the years, including Eric Clapton (on his record “Me and Mr. Johnson”), who, in an interview in 2014 said he always thought the song was about Robert’s girlfriend.  I agree…

Here’s one from his new album, “Trouble In Mind”

My favorite from Meet Me In The Bottom is 39 Ninth St., which is a song that takes him back to times spending at his Grandmothers house.  For me, knowing what the artist was thinking when he or she wrote the song gives it a whole new meaning and this one is fantastic.

Take a close look at “Meet Me In The Bottom” by Frank Fotusky.

If you like what you hear, click on the link above to purchase it.

Frank is a regular at BLUE in Portland, ME.  If you’d like to reach him, here is his information:

Frank Fotusky
Snappy Turtle Productions
39 Hillis St.
Portland, ME 04103

What’s being said:

“A wonderful album (Teasin’ the Frets) from a wonderful friend.” JOHN JACKSON (1924-2002)


….offers a sparkling guitar sound on fine Piedmont-style blues and rags….Fotusky’s clean finger draws you in and projects the music-which would be somber in other hands-out. BLUES ACCESS #40 HOME BREW-BILL KISLIUK


This is a player that would be welcomed on any porch, front or back! BIG CITY BLUES- 5 HAT RATING-MARK A. COLE

The release of Frank Fotusky’s second CD, ‘Meet Me In the Bottom,’ only confirms what many of us have known for years: that Frank is one of the premier acoustic blues stylists in the nation. Frank has studied the masters—from Rev. Gary Davis and Blind Willie McTell to Robert Johnson and Bo Carter—but he’s no mere imitator. His inventive arrangements, splendid picking and soulful singing make for the complete blues package. – IAN ZACK, AUTHOR ‘SAY NO TO THE DEVIL-THE LIFE AND MUSICAL GENIUS OF REV.GARY DAVIS’

If like myself you adore the finger-picking of early Larry Johnson, John Jackson with a smattering of Roy Book Binder, Paul Geremia, and Paul Rishell then this CD belongs in your player…. His wooden box resonates with a crispness that though dead-eyed in accuracy never becomes clinically sterile…. Lets get him over here, apart from having a welcome change in the familiar visitors this guy has a lot to offer. BLUES MATTERS (UNITED KINGDOM) ISSUE 19- BILLY HUTCHINSON

Frank Fotusky should be a major name in country blues. Eventually he will be, but for now he has achieved cult status, armed with a great repertoire and fantastic chops and feel. And, like fine whiskey, he takes the blues, plays it smooth and then has that bite that lets you know this is the real deal.–JAMES REAMS (PRODUCER, GOOD COFFEEHOUSE MUSIC PARLOR, BROOKLYN NY

Matt Becker

Live from Matt’s House


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