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Update!  MoJo’s BBQ in Portsmouth, NH uses all Gluten Free BBQ sauce in their recipes!  Thank you Aaron!  This is the best Gluten Free BBQ in town!

Currently, my favorite restaurant in Portsmouth to eat a Gluten Free meal is The Rosa Restaurant on State Street.  Here’s why….  all of the things that I couldn’t eat for so many years are available!  Their entire menu is 70% Gluten Free.  The “old” Rosa had almost no menu options for me other than salad or the mussels, which by the way were FANTASTIC.  Now, I can go to The Rosa, have a great Italian meal, chit chat with Mike (the manager) and get my fill of the Gluten Free Penne with Pesto Chicken, or the Crab Cakes, or the Pizza….  you get the idea.

Matt Becker

Live from Matt’s House

Some of my favorite brands of gluten-free are:

Udi’s – for bread and bagels, I also like their pepperoni pizza

Against the Grain – by far, the best pizza crust around in the gluten-free world.  If I’m feeling lazy, I buy the pre made version with sauce and cheese.  If I’m in the cooking mood, I love to make my own pizza sauce and add meat, veggies and cheese.

Stonewall Kitchen – they have great everything, but I really love the Buffalo Wing Sauce that they make.

Yasso – I rarely eat dessert, but when I’m in the mood, I love the Yasso frozen GREEK yogurt bars in mint chocolate chip…..  so do my kids!

Article on Gluten Free thickening Agent

Mick Jagger – Gluten Free

Matthew Becker

Matt works in Portsmouth, NH.

Live from Matt’s House – Matthew Becker


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