George Sigolas, meet Bonnie Raitt

George Sigolas, meet Bonnie Raitt…

After a lovely evening with good friends at the Carriage House in Rye, NH, I wanted to post this video, so my friend, George Sigolas would be introduced to Bonnie Raitt.  Long story short, Sandy is a fan of Bonnie, George is a fan of Sandy, so I suggest that George become a fan of Bonnie!  This couldn’t be a better time as Bonnie Raitt is coming to the Orpheum Theatre in Boston, MA on March 29th.  Sandy informed us that tickets just went on sale (George, that’s you’re cue).  Let’s take a look at this video.  Bonnie Raitt is playing lead/slide guitar, Jimmy Vaughan (older brother of Stevie Ray Vaughan) is playing rytham guitar (on the white Stratocaster) while Gary Clark, Jr is playing along side Jeff Beck.  Tracy Chapman also makes an appearance.  That’s quite the lineup.  Everyone is playing for President Obama.  In the audience is none other than  Buddy Guy, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, along side a host of celebrities.  What I would have given to be there….  Ms. Bonnie Raitt is playing “Sweet Home Chicago”, which is a song that was written by Robert Johnson and recorded for the first time in San Antonio, Texas in 1936.  This song was written during the time of the great migration for blues players, who traveled up to Chicago from the South, many times riding the blind (the empty boxcar of the freight train) in order to seek out the new sound of Chicago.  This era brought us Muddy Waters, Big Bill Broonzy, Howlin’ Wolf, Bo Diddly, Sonny Boy Williamson and many, many more.  These are the musicians that influenced the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton and many others with the sounds of the Chicago Blues.

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