Colin Hay – More than Men at Work

I was 8 years old.  Men at Work, a new band from Australia had just released their debut album “Business as Usual”.  It was 1981.  “Down Under”, “Who Can it Be Now” were the biggest singles from the album and I remember it clear as day.  Their next album, “Cargo” came out in 1983.  “Overkill”, “It’s a Mistake” were the biggest hits on that album.  Yes, these were the MTV years.  Years later, Colin Hay performed an acoustic version of “Overkill” on the popular TV show “Scrubs”.  Colin Hay has had a brilliant solo career since Men at Work.  Above is a clip from his latest album, “Next Year People”.

The album’s title track, “Next Year People,” is a stand out composition – a stark but beautiful homage to the depression-era farmers who kept going by holding on to hope that next year would be better. “They kept doing the same thing and expecting a different result,” explains Colin. “I can relate, although their situation was so much more bleak.”

Colin Hay, much more than Men at Work.


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