Norman’s Rare Guitars


Norman’s Rare Guitars!

If you have some time, take a look at their website, it will blow your mind.  If you have some more time, take a look at their collection of videos taken in the store.  There are loads of celebrities who buy their guitars there, and there are tons of vintage guitars that will blow you away.  Here’s some info from their webpage…

Located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, Norman’s Rare Guitars carries a wide and often changing variety of new, used, and vintage guitars from many different manufacturers.

For more then 30 years, Norman Harris and his knowlegable staff are the authorities on vintage guitars. Answering your questions and finding that perfect guitar you have always wanted.

Norman’s Rare Guitars is a household name among top musicians and players worldwide. Each week, professional musicians we all know stop by to talk with Norm and see what new aquisitions he is hiding.

Gibson and Fender both use Norman’s Rare Guitar’s 30 years of buying, selling and collecting book for photographic references in the building of the reissues of the guitars.


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