Eric Clapton Rocking Chair

Rocking Chair Eric Clapton 2010

Live from Matt’s House

Eric’s 20th studio album, CLAPTON, is one of my favorites.  Not because it has huge hits, or was widely popular, but because Eric picked songs that he loved from his childhood.  There are many great songs on the album: Rocking Chair, written in 1929, How Deep is the Ocean, written by Irving Berlin in 1932, Autumn Leaves, written in 1945, Hard Time Blues, written by Lane Hardin in 1935.  All wonderful songs that should be remembered.  There is a new song on the album as well, Diamonds made from Rain, written by Doyle Bramhall II, who is also one of my favorites.  The video above is Eric playing Rocking Chair in 2010 at the Royal Albert Hall, my favorite musical place on earth.  The guitar he is playing is a 1948 Gibson L-5P which he sold at auction for over $82,ooo to raise money for Crossroads Antigua, the drug and alcohol rehab center that he founded.

Matt Becker Portsmouth, NH

Live from Matt’s House

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