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BLT Pasta!  This dish was awesome…  The kids loved it.  I cooked it for them on the twins 10th Birthday, which was not too long ago.  I used Barilla gluten free pasta, kale, fresh tomatoes, turkey bacon, a sweet vidalia onion and heavy cream to make the alfredo sauce fresh.  I first saw the recipe on the Humble Onion, which is a blog that a friend of mine runs.  I highly recommend that you check it out!  It has some awesome cooking ideas on it…


BLT2I recommend using turkey bacon as it’s far healthier for you than regular bacon…. Kale is great to cook with because it holds up so well under heat – and keeps it’s color.  Slice up your kale, tomato, onion and bacon and let it simmer for a bit, but not too long!
BLT3BLT4When you are making alfredo sauce from scratch, get the pan hot before you pour in the heavy cream.  Add some salt and pepper…  When it starts to boil and rise, add in some parmesan cheese and a tiny bit of roux (melted butter and flour used to thicken sauces) and whisk it quickly until it thickens to your liking.  Mix the bacon, onion, kale and tomato with the alfredo and pour it over your plated pasta!  Garnish with some extra parmesan cheese and perhaps some parsley.  Enjoy!

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