The Humble Onion – Gazpacho Recipe

The Humble Onion – Gazpacho with Crab Avocado

I received two requests for the Gazpacho soup recipe that I posted not too long ago, but here’s something better.  This weekend, I was over for a family cookout at Rob and Katie’s house (Rob and I work together).  As it turns out, Katie has her own food blog, and you know what?  It’s AWESOME!  So, instead of posting my recipe, I want everyone to take a look at The Humble Onion.  The link above is for her version of Gazpacho with Crab Avocado.  It took me about 5 seconds on her site to realize that she’s a way better chef than I am.  Here are some photos from her blog…

Matt Becker – Live from Matt’s House


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