Matt Becker- Best Breakfast Ever



One of my favorite things to do is cook breakfast on a Sat or Sun morning, after either waking up early or waking up late…  My freshman year in college, I worked at a pizza restaurant, Chelby’s Pizza in Manchester, NH.  I was close with the owner and was loyal to him as I worked in one of his previous restaurants while I was in High School.  Anyway, I would wake up at 4am, drive to Manchester from UNH and open the restaurant at 5am.  It was the whole nine yards – get the bacon ready, the eggs, the pancakes, etc…  I would work until 1pm and would drive back to UNH to take a nap.  Not what you would think a freshman would be doing.  Anyway, it taught me how to make a good breakfast and it’s something I really enjoy.  One of my favorite things to do is make a killer breakfast out of what’s left in the fridge.  Here’s a good example:  Sriracha Butter Mashed Potatoes on the bottom covered with sautéed onions, tomato and left over teriyaki steak, with an over easy egg as the next layer and a little bit of black bean salad with cilantro on top….  oh yeah, with a bit of hot sauce and shredded cheddar cheese!  It’ll probably kill you, but it’s worth it every once in a while!

Matt Becker

Portsmouth, NH

Live from Matt’s House

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