Rogues on the Road – Matt Becker

Rogues on the Road – Pilot – Matt Becker


Our completed pilot episode takes us to Banff National Park, a World Unesco Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful places on Earth! Matt and Rich’s adventure includes; fishing for invasive trout species in Kananaskis Country, foraging for wild mushrooms near Canmore and then heading to the Banff Farmers Market for locally grown sustainable ingredients.

The acquired components are then paired with a local beverage thanks to the guidance of Socrates, the resident proprietor of Banff Avenue Brewing Company. With ingredients gathered and and a frosty brew in hand, guest Chef Lonnie, from the Canmore Bear and Bison Inn, makes his way to Matt & Rich’s beautiful riverside campsite.

At the site, Matt, Rich and Lonnie work hard to masterfully prepare a gourmet feast, with only a camp stove and a campfire to cook on!  Along the way, viewers will learn the challenges that surround invasive species, the complexity of fungi’s role in the environment, how sustainability should guide our food choices and the variables involved in brewing a damn good beer!

Each episode will contain the following elements:

  • Introduction and announcement of ingredients

  • Local chef challenge

  • Main ingredient must be foraged, fished or hunted

  • Secondary ingredients must be obtained as locally as possible

  • Ingredients must be carefully paired with a local brew, wine or distilled spirit

  • The chef, with the help of the Rogues, must prepare a meal at their unique location serving it to a few honored guests which may include a celebrityBanff1Rogues2Rogues3

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