Dinner with my Parents – Matt Becker

This post started with a fly fishing trip on the East Outlet off of Moosehead Lake in Maine.  It’s a beautiful place and the fish are abundant.  My good friend, Travis Keltner and I go every year.  We stay at “Maynards in Maine” and fish all day.  Nothing better than cooking fresh trout and salmon riverside!

Below are photos from dinner with my parents last night.  We cooked the salmon on the grill.  I like to keep it simple.  I put some spices on the fish, placed lemon and butter inside of the fish and added some sliced oranges.  Make sure it’s cooked all the way through, but make sure not to overcook it…

For our appetizer, we had Green-Winged Teal Duck (given to me by Travis Keltner – my fishing buddy), which were brined overnight in water, apple cider vinegar, orange juice and a little sugar.  I basted them with a gluten free Orange Sauce (found at Fresh Market) and grilled them for only a few minutes.  I like to cook them rare and have them sit for a few minutes to set up as med rare.  I sliced them up, drizzled a little fresh juice from an orange on them and served them with crackers.

Matt Becker works as a Vice President for Morgan Stanley in Portsmouth, NH

Matt Becker – Live from Matt’s House







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