Scallops with Friends – Matt Becker

Scallops with Friends – Matt Becker

Seared scallops and shrimp with a sherry cream sauce reduction over saute’ed spinach.  A very easy appetizer to make…  The sauce is simple – bring the pan to high heat, glaze with some sherry (I like to cook with Harvey’s Bristol Cream Sherry – it’s about $12).  Once the sherry cooks down a bit, add the heavy cream and some salt and pepper.  When it starts to boil, stir it and it will reduce.  The spinach is easy, just saute it with some olive oil, salt and pepper.  To me, food is visual, so make the plate look nice and throw a little chopped up parsley on top!  Thank you goes out to Raphael and Kerri, who let me dirty up all of the pans in their house!

Matt Becker

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  1. Raphael

    Thank you Matt, dinner was delicious!

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